UI & UX Designer

I develop digital experiences designed to solves the problems of real people and meet clear business objectives. I love writing code that's clean, accessible, and performance-minded.


WilmU.edu Website

Responsive website for Wilmington University — strategy, design, front-end development.

Project Details

As the in-house lead web designer and front-end developer, my responsibilities for this project included gathering business requirements, conducting stakeholder interviews, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, developing front-end templates, and leading the production team through launch of a responsive redesign.

Additionally, I was part of a team that led the charge to implement a communication strategy that supported business processes, marketing initiatives, and brand awareness—all directing visitors to carefully selected website entry points in the sales funnel. A multi-channel strategy that included primarily business process emails, marketing emails, and social media content, elements which proved to be vital to increasing conversion opportunities and increasing leads.

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 Design Studio

Design Studio is a UX strategy session designed to extract business objectives, customer patterns, and generate a sense of buy-in and ownership amongst contributors of a project.

Design Studio involves:

  • Ideation — the process of generating ideas in rapid succession, without judgement and filtering. The goal is to reach far and wide for solutions. Exercises consist of a group of people in a conference room, lots of sticky notes, Sharpies, and dot stickers.
  • Prototyping — After the best ideas are decided by votes, participants then sketch paper prototype solutions, low-fidelity interfaces. This is a truly eye-opening experience where interpretation and lively discussion is sure to follow.
  • Open Forum — This is the part of the studio where we discuss outcomes, record solutions and approaches, and conclude with an "all things on the table" discussion.
Sticky Notes

 Front-End Development


I design beautiful websites, mobile experiences, and communications using the following technolgy and platforms:







About Ryan Higgins, Designer & Developer

I’ve been making websites for the last twelve years. Building user experiences that are intuitive, relevant, and pleasurable to engage with—well that’s my goal every time a project comes my way. As someone who is visually-impaired, creating a consistent experience for all is extremely important, no matter a person’s expertise, abilities, or disabilities. I’m passionate about figuring out how things work, finding the how and the why behind the way people use things, and doing it the right way no matter what.

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